Wool Dryer Balls

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The product that households everywhere are frantic to get their hands on is back in stock! These full gentle wool balls have the density to whisk away moisture while fluffing clothes to provide shorter, wrinkle-free washes. These wool balls were meticulously engineered by material scientists to reduce drying times and effortlessly smooth clothing. Join the over 120,000 households that ditching toxic dryer sheets for wool balls.

What Makes Wool Dryer Balls Such A Phenomenon?

Recent studies have shown that traditional dryer sheets can leech over 10 toxins into the atmosphere and onto clothes. Wool Dryer Balls are a natural and reusable alternative that provides high quality dries at affordable prices. Since wool dryer balls are all-natural, they eliminate the exposure to harsh chemicals.

How Do Wool Dryer Balls Fit Into My Daily Life?

With each load of wet clothing, toss the wool balls into the dryer in place of a dryer sheet and watch as they do their magic. The wool balls bounce around the dryer, improving air circulation that allows water to evaporate more quickly. Wool balls can save hundreds of dollars in energy bill costs since the wool balls cut down drying time and save energy.

Enjoy fresher, softer fabrics with 100% natural ingredients that are safe for you and your family!

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