Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad


Brush cleaning is simple and efficient with this silicone pad! Swirl away dirt, oil, bacteria and build upon the 7 exclusive textures. Give your makeup brushes new life. This makeup brush cleaning mat can extend the use of your eye and face brushes. 

Why Does It Work?

Exclusive multi-textured surface designed to gently work between the bristles for enhanced deep cleansing for various eye and makeup brushes. 

Simply lather up brush bristles with soap then swirl around the textured side. Place your brush under running water & sweep brush back & forth on the "rinse" texture for a final rinse. Repeat until the water turns clear, after rinsing, reshape, and lay flat to dry.

How Does The Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad Fit Into My Lifestyle?

An innovative device featuring seven patented textures designed to wash both eye and face brushes. It's durable yet flexible silicone material makes it perfect for placement on flat surfaces and is uniquely designed to fit most sinks. Small, convenient and ready to travel.

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