Sauna Shaper Vest

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Our most popular Shaper Vest is finally back in stock. The Sauna Shaper Vest (Over 15,000 sold) is made of durable neoprene material and is specifically designed to compliment both streetwear and workout attire. This Sauna Shaper Vest helps the body burn out belly and back fat while also helping your body flush out harmful toxins by naturally heating up the body's core. 

Expedite Calorie Burning 

Our Sauna Shaper Vest's advanced fabric technology is designed to raise your body temperature while you're exercising, leading to stimulated water weight loss. What could be better than burning more calories with no additional effort? This shirt does it for you. Wear it and watch the calories melt away fast, leaving behind a slimmer you.

What Makes The Sauna Shaper Vest Such A Phenomenon?

The Sauna Shaper Vest works by increasing body temperature and accelerating the rate at which calories burn. Additionally, the vest uses scientifically engineered compression techniques to help correct posture, flatten the abdomen and smooth love handles. 

How Does The Sauna Shaper Vest Fit Into My Wardrobe?

The outer layer is hyper-absorbent, providing a dry surface that is a perfect compliment for any clothing choice. Additionally, the unique design conforms to any woman's body leading to the perfect hourglass figure and a visually slimming look.

Special Offer!

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This product is vegan, 100% synthetic and not tested on animals. As always, thank you for shopping at Second Nature!

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