Posture Corrector

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Bad posture is a learned behavior and the truth is that everyone can stand straight and tall but we choose not to do so! The Posture Corrector overcomes this by retraining your body to hold a healthy and natural posture. The breathable and lightweight material, made of latex-free nylon and spandex, provides your upper back with a perfect amount of tension for healthy posture.

How Does The Posture Correcter Fit Into My Wardrobe?

This posture corrector for your upper back and & shoulder support is sleek enough to hide underneath most clothing. While it can be worn all day without even knowing it's there, wearing this brace just 30 minutes a day will help you achieve your natural posture.

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Size Chest
Medium 28 - 38 in / 71 - 96 cm
Large 38 - 48 in / 96 - 122 cm

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