LED Mirror Alarm Clock

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A glamorous clock designed by sleep specialists to allow you the best sleep possible. With a range of features enable it to be more than just an ordinary alarm clock.

What Makes This LED Mirror Alarm Clock Such A Phenomenon?

For starters, it does NOT emit any blue light which has been proven to deprive you of the important REM sleep we all need to feel refreshed and at our best in the morning. 

It also features a mirror face, easy to use alarm, snooze function, current room temperature display, adjustable screen brightness, and adjustable night light function. 

How Does The LED Mirror Alarm Clock Fit Into My Lifestyle?

Made of high quality materials, it will be the perfect addition to your bedroom, office, living room, or kitchen. Additionally, to complement your daily routine, it has the ability to shine the perfect reflection, allowing you to use it as a mirror. 

It is also perfect for traveling and runs on batteries but can also be plugged into a wall. Ideal if you live in a place where the power can go out, your LED Mirror Alarm Clock will still gently wake you up in the morning.

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