Compression Socks


After several iterations, countless tests and many shoe-less days around the office, we cracked the compression code. Meet our long-awaited, finally perfected 100% awesome Compression Socks. Our Compression Socks are ridiculously soft, breathable and functional. Oh, and did we mention the ultra-comfy cushioned footpads and heels? Yeah, you’re gonna need these socks.

How Do They Work?

These socks provide optimal compression which increases blood circulation during long periods of sitting or standing to prevent swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. They are often recommended by doctors as an easy fix for varicose vain prevention and relief, or simply in supporting critical muscle recovery in athletes.

How Do The Compression Socks Fit Into My Wardrobe?

Our Compression Socks fit flawlessly underneath almost all slacks, jeans or sweatpants. So whether you're dressed for a long day at work, a flight, or just relaxing around the house, these are for you. The stylish color options can also be worn seen to show off a bit! We use a super soft, breathable material with a padded heel provide additional all day comfort.

Special Offer!

For a limited time, purchase two or three pairs of Compression Socks for a discount and free shipping!

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