Acupuncture Pen


This is a fusion of modern high-quality massage pen, good for health promotion. Simple operation, easy to carry. Safe and effective, with no side effects

Our Acupuncture Pen probe part is based on the principle of single-phase electricity and must rely on the body's own static electricity to make it a loop. If you let other people give you acupuncture, he needs to put his hand on your skin, acupuncture pen will work. If he does not hand on your skin, the meridian pen is still working, but you do not feel anything.

The most important thing is one should know about acupoints, the way they work in order to use this device effectively. This product has 9 adjustable intensity controls power. When the power of the control is 0, it will flash red for a few seconds and then shut down automatically. If you need to re-use it, just press the button to increase degree up.

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