Mink Eyelash Extensions

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What Makes Mink Lashes Such a Phenomenon?

Add a glamorous touch to your look with this must-have accessory. From ultra thick to whimsical and fabulously feminine, these mink lashes add length, build volume, and make eyes pop. They are available in a variety of styles—both natural and dramatic—and use natural hair for a softer touch. 

How to Use 

Always clean your lashes and eyelids before applying glue and lashes. Measure! Place a faux lash next to your lash line to see if it is the correct length. If your lashes need to be trimmed, always trim from the outside corner. Using lash adhesive (or a small brush or toothpick), run a thin line of lash adhesive along the band of your faux lash. Wait approximately 30 seconds (or until the adhesive becomes tacky). Apply faux lash directly to lash line starting at outside corner. Voila!

Special Offer!

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