Acupressure Jade Roller

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The Acupressure Jade Roller was designed by a Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing for Ying Yu Jade. The roller is large and heavy and "needles" are carved on the top of the roller to stimulate and improve the elasticity of your skin. Additionally, it boosts blood circulation and provides ten times better results for smooth supple skin.

The Acupressure Jade Roller can not only be used for making and keeping your skin beautiful, but you can also ease headaches and stress from the cooling effect jade has on your eyes and temples.

Its massaging functionality provides strong stimulation to the face or body to invigorate the skin by itself or as part of a wider beauty treatment. Originally designed for therapists this product, is strong enough to endure intensive salon use which makes it incredibly long lasting in the home. Brass is used for the handles as this was traditionally believed to ensure good energy flow along with the roller.

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