You Should Use Your Makeup Sponges For This

In my short but extensive relationship with makeup, I’ve realized a bunch of things—how to spot the right foundation match for my skin tone, that the right red lip is my secret beauty weapon—but by far, knowledge about the versatility of the Makeup Sponge is the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned.

When I say Makeup Sponge, I’m referring to the egg-shaped application sponge that will eternally live in my makeup bag. The sponge narrows at the top (its point is clutch for working product into the corners of my face) and is ridiculously squishy, so it’s able to bounce off the skin’s surface with ease. It’s also specially designed to not absorb product, which means I don’t have to worry about wasting any foundation—like ever.

Although I typically use Makeup Sponge for my foundation and concealer application, there are a bunch of other ways you can use the tool that I hadn’t even considered before. This sponge is way more than just an application tool—it’s a bonafide jack of all trades. To figure out how to fully utilize my go-to sponge, I asked a few makeup artists for some of their sponges' best practices—and now I definitely need to step my game up on the number of sponges I have at the ready.

  • It’s also great when you’re applying your favorite skin-care products
  • Use it to keep your makeup locked in place with powder
  • And to keep your face from looking too powdery
  • Use it to apply cream blush
  • And cream-based highlighters
  • A dampened Makeup Sponge can be used to refresh your makeup
  • And to help remove your makeup

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