Everything About Shapewear! Myth Or Reality?

I'm sure we all know someone that wears, constantly, shapewear. Women that cannot go one day without using it to enhance their curves or control the typical love handles. But have you ever wondered if there's more than meets the eye about these trendy pieces of clothing? We'll tell you about the myths and realities of shapewear.

Shapewear is only for women who are overweight

MYTH! They are worn by women of all sizes due to some of their other features such as correcting the posture, keep the abs crunched or help recover your figure post-op.

Shapewear helps lose weight

REALITY! The constant use of them helps reshape the figure. The compression generated in the abdomen area helps suppress the daily food intake. 

Shapewear is very uncomfortable to wear

MYTH! Our variety of shapewear goes through several quality assurance processes, making them light and soft. Due to the minimalistic designs of our shapewear, the skin is mark-free. They represent a comfortable, quick and efficient solution to obtain the figure you want.

Now that you know the answer to these myths, find the right one for you. Whether to use them after your pregnancy, to use them underneath your dresses, to do exercise with, or whatever the reason may be. Life is filled with uncountable moments and there's special shapewear for each one of those.

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